Biodroga Medical Institute HYPER SENSITIVE



BIODROGA MD HYPER SENSITIVE products are designed specifically for the care of highly sensitive skin, skin prone to neurodermatitis (during episode-free periods), and before and after esthetic-plastic invasive and non-invasive interventions such as dermabrasions, laser treatments, injections, fruit acid treatments, etc.

BIODROGA MD HYPER SENSITIVE products are based on the consistency-providing Derma Membrane Complex (DMC) in combination with the resurrection plant complex. Thanks to its “skin-related” structure, DMC is important for sensitive skin in particular, since it is very well tolerated and enables good ingredient penetration.

The resurrection plant complex consists of Haberlea rhodopensis extract in conjunction with sugar beet extract and baker’s yeast. Resurrection plants grow in extreme, sparsely vegetated regions such as highlands or deserts. Their specialty: they dry out during long-lasting drought periods and often remain in this state of “estivation” for many months. During this period, they lose up to 95% of their water content, yet all their vital functions remain intact, owing to a unique protective system which preserves the integrity of the cell components. With the first rains, the plants come back to life within a few hours irrespective of the preceding drought period, and after a few days appear as if there had not been any water shortage. The resurrection plant complex increases the skin’s resilience and optimizes its protective mechanisms. It supports and retains the skin’s natural regeneration processes and increases its moisture levels.

In addition to DMC and the resurrection plant complex, proven ingredients are used that, in tandem, are able to unfold their optimum effect. D-panthenol improves and accelerates new skin cell formation and thus strengthens its natural protective barrier. In addition, it has the ability to bind and store water, thus sustainably increasing the skin’s ability to retain moisture. D-panthenol counteracts inflammatory processes of the skin, reduces itchiness, and soothes irritations and redness. It is tolerated by the skin extremely well and makes the skin velvety smooth.