Biodroga Bioscience Institute PURAN FORMULA



The system for impure skin

Impure skin is mainly caused by hormonal changes in the body, above all by male hormones (androgens). They stimulate skin to produce excessive sebum production. Due to clogged pores, the sebum flow is disturbed. Skin shows an unpleasant sheen, pimples and black heads develop.  Moreover, bacteria find an excellent breeding ground on this skin so that inflammations may be the result. Impure skin does not only occur during puberty, but also in the event of extreme stress, during pregnancy or the menopause. Here too, hormonal fluctuations lead to the unpleasant effects of impure skin.

PURAN FORMULA stimulates skin to counter existing impurities, whether visible or concealed under skin. This may lead in the beginning to a transitional impairment of the skin tone. With regular and systematic use, a permanent improvement can be achieved within a short time.

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