Relax! How often do we hear this.... Normally this is easier said than done. Our busy way of life takes its toll.  Family, high challenges in our job and general discontent let us “jump out of our skin”. How true this idiom is!

The right care concept can quickly provide for small islands of wellbeing and balance showing their result: Not only a radiant skin, but lots of replenished self-assurance. The magic word in our hectic time should always be visualized: RELAXING – destress, come down, do something just for yourself…

BIODROGA BODY SPA RELAXING line promises balance and harmony which have an effect on the entire organism.

The fragrance of bloomy jasmin and tangy cedar wood has a harmonizing and balancing effect and helps to reach an inner deceleration.

With its intensive bloomy aroma and herbal undertone, jasmin belongs to the oil-tree plants. Its aroma calms the senses and is said to improve the intuition.  Additionally it is associated with a high aphrodisiac effect.

Cedars belong to the pines. Cedar wood exudes an intensive tangy fragrance with a velvety-warm character. It has a harmonizing effect bringing body and soul back into balance. The aroma of cedar wood may round out the aphrodisiac effect of jasmin.

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