Biodroga Bioscience Institute LOTUS & SCIENCE



Exotic natural talent...

The skin care line LOTUS & SCIENCE from BIODROGA is excitingly female and ultimately seductive. A natural beauty was selected as the principal ingredient: the perfect lotus flower for the luxurious skin care line from BIODROGA.
In this LOTUS & SCIENCE product line, nature interacts with science and lifestyle.

The hectic rhythm of modern life is a real challenge for our organism. Small depressions, inner emptyness, stress and fatigue have fatal influences on the appearance and the complexion.

We all want to immerse in a protective oasis of calmness and well-being where we can fill up new energy, far away from the hectic of everyday life. Your skin can have this now.

The lotus flower, admired because of its perfection, is not only gracious, it also has valuable talents. Its extract is considered as harmonizing ingredient imparting clearness and purity to skin. Nowadays, the term anti-ageing not only stands for skin care alone, but also for the lifestyle. Live and enjoy now, whenever you feel like that: „Those who enjoy life and give themselves a treat, lower their stress level and feel better.“

LOTUS & SCIENCE is like a beauty oasis, exotic and tempting, with an unbeatable effect.