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Minimum effort – maximum effect
Water, soap and ready? Long ago! When men considered it as a no-go and unmanly to talk about creams or even use them. Fortunately, this belongs to the past. A well-groomed appearance has become more and more important among men and is no longer just a woman’s thing!

Men are different – their skin too
Fresh, conditioned and healthy – these attributes stand for attractive male skin. However, there is a significant difference between male and female skin. Male skin is approximately 20% thicker than female skin. It contains more collagen and is less prone to environmental influences and the development of fine lines and wrinkles at first. Later, however, the skin aging process takes place more quickly.  
Different men and skin types – adequate products
The sporty young man wants to treat himself and his skin. Often, he wears a trendy 3-day beard – the new favorite of men to underline their personality. He conditions skin and beard with the classic moisture care.
The demanding man with mature skin needs a face care countering the signs of time: The perfect product is an anti-age care which smoothens skin and diminishes the appearance of lines around the eyes and pouches underneath the eyes.
The typical male user of cosmetics shaves at regular intervals and uses an after shave balm in order to calm skin after shaving and to supply skin with moisture.


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