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At age 20, we usually do not care about skin aging. A few years later, we look in the mirror and wonder why our skin and the entire appearance look so tired all over a sudden... Or simply older... More or less overnight! What, of course, is not true. Since skin does not age overnight. Aging is a gradual process. Laughter lines, which disappear again immediately, turn into fine lines - at the beginning in the eye contour area - and stay persistently in the long run. We make a difference between mere dryness lines, which can be plumped up and smoothened out again by giving them an extra portion of care and hydration, and those lines and wrinkles, which need other support to become less visible.

By the way, rather oily and combination skin shows signs of skin aging much later than dry skin. At least one advantage for this rather bothered oily skin which needs much care...

The BIODROGA ENERGIZE & PERFECT line was developed for exactly this first target group in the anti-aging area. The 5 innovative products of this line masterfully cope with the first signs of skin aging. A plus of this line: The 24h Care products and the Eye Care offer an instantly visible wrinkle filler effect, so that the complexion radiates at once and not only after a regular long-term use.

BIODROGA ENERGIZE & PERFECT offer an innovative fourfold effect to skin with the first signs of aging: CONCEALING, ANTI-AGING, ANTI-PUFFINESS & CONTOURING.

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