Biodroga Bioscience Institute REPAIR-CELL PROTECT



The Repair Complex activates and supports skin‘s own repair ability and the natural dark-repair mechanism in the case of already existing light-induced skin damages. This prevents light-induced premature skin aging and already existing lines and wrinkles are compensated. It supports the restoring of skin also when thrown off balance.

Ectoin is a fascinating substance formed by mircro-organisms in order to survive without problems in stress situations such as high temperatures, dryness and UV radiation. The „high- tech organic cell protection“ Ectoin stabilizes skin’s own immune defense and improves its natural protective mechanisms. It protects against environmental damages and even helps in the event of intensive sun radiation. At the same time, it acts like a water reservoir preventing moisture loss and a premature, environmentally induced skin aging process.

These ingredient components are rounded out by a peptide complex and grape seed oil. The peptide complex gently stimulates the collagen synthesis, has a moisture-boosting effect and supports the resistance of the epidermis. Grape seed oil, with its high portion of unsaturated fatty acids and the vitamins A, E und B6, is a powerful cocktail which conditions and smoothes intensely.

Due to this excellent combination of ingredients, sun-stressed skin looks younger, smoother and firmer and feels silky and supple.

BIODROGA REPAIR + CELL PROTECTION, an absolute „MUST“ for all those who expose themselves to the sun and light (natural or artificial sun).

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