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Oxygen Formula is THE recommendation for women around the age of 30 with a visibly pale and fatigued skin. A look at the appearance of skin reveals whether skin tends to be rather dry or oily. The purchase decision should be easy.

The two 24h care products, depending on the skin type, plus the Oxygen Formula Eye Care waken up fatigued skin.

Particularly for clients suffering from stress and lack of time or who damaged their skin by smoking or an unhealthy lifestyle, or who seldom spend their time outside and so on…

Absolutely worth mentioning:

  • 24h Care for sallow, oily/combination skin is an ideal basis for make-up.
  • Oxygen Formula care products develop a particularly good effect when skin is regularly freed of dead skin flakes (e.g. by means of exfoliation).
  • As an esthetician you recommend your client eat healthy food and get a lot of activity in the fresh air outside. The new Oxygen Formula skin care line is free of parabens.

Oxygen Formula is the all round Nutri-Care which shows skin at its best thanks to the oxygen and valuable and conditioning substances!

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