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The older and more stressed that skin becomes, the slower the process of skin cell renewal. Natural levels of epidermal growth factor (EGF) tend to decline and there is a reduction in the number of collagen and elastin fibers. As a result, the skin loses its tone and elasticity.

The body's natural hyaluronic acid content and the skin's own ability to bind moisture also decline with each passing year. The skin becomes thinner, slacker and more wrinkled.

What should an effective anti-aging product range be able to do for the skin after the age of 50?

The products should be able to help regenerate the skin, reduce wrinkle depth, promote skin cell growth and provide valuable moisture in order to make it appear fresher and more youthful. In one form or another, peptides have become some of the most popular active ingredients in modern cosmetics over recent years on account of their anti-aging properties. Their ability to act as chemical messengers has proven especially beneficial for more mature skin. When delivered using liposomal encapsulation, the peptides are able to reach those parts of the skin where their ability to stimulate skin regeneration shows real results. Put simply, they can penetrate the skin much more easily and do their work much more effectively than if they are simply applied to the upper surface of the epidermis.

Meanwhile, plant stem cell extracts help to maximise the effectiveness of the peptides.

GLOBAL ANTI-AGE FORMULA is BIODROGA's premium anti-age product range for skin after the age of 50.

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